Friday, September 19, 2008

Grand Canyon

Our Grand Canyon Excursion was a lot of fun. I had purchased a nice package deal from the Grand Canyon Railroad, which included a stay at the hotel in Williams, round-trip luxury-class tickets on the Grand Canyon Railroad, a coach tour of the rim, and one night in a rim hotel. We took the train to the south rim of the canyon on Thursday morning, and returned to Williams this afternoon. We had a bus tour of the canyon rim highlights after we arrived, and then stayed overnight in a nice hotel at the canyon on Thursday night. We walked around and saw a lot of beautiful views of the canyon, from many different angles, and we checked out some of the exhibits about the geology of the region and the like. I also ate ice cream for dinner on my birthday. I don't think there's a better birthday meal than that!

I should add that I was very careful to drink at least two full glasses of water at every meal and a bottle of water between meals, and despite all the hiking and hot sun, I managed to avoid getting dehydrated and did not get another migraine! (I did, however, use the restroom about 270 times.)

We (mostly Jeff) took a lot of pictures of the canyon, the wildlife (lizards, condors, and other raptors), and each other. We didn't bring the cord to connect the camera to the computer along on our trip, so I don't have any pictures to post right now. But I will after we get back, I promise!

Tonight we are in Flagstaff and our plans are to see some of the sights around here, such as Wupatki National Monument and the meteor crater. I will keep you posted!

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