Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photos, As Promised

Jeff took well over 400 photos during our vacation. (I took maybe a half dozen, all of him. My photography skills are... limited. Jeff, on the other hand, is really good with a camera.) So, without further ado, here are some pictures!

The above picture is from Hoover Dam, which we saw on our first day. It was really an amazing feat of engineering.
This picture is us at the Grand Canyon, as taken by our bus tour guide. Behind us is Duck Rock.
This picture illustrates just how huge the Grand Canyon is. It's really amazing and it's something everyone should see if they can.
This picture is from Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. Most of the terrain was cinder, as in the foreground and on the hillside. But there were also large chunks of rock lying around like that.
This is from Wupatki National Monument. From a distance, the ruins just looked like rock formations, until you got closer and saw the individual bricks.
These are some of the dinosaur tracks. To highlight them, our guide sprayed water into the prints.
This is a picture of the Meteor Crater. It's pretty amazing that such a small meteor (relatively speaking) made such a large crater.
This picture is from the Painted Desert. The colors are more vibrant in real life.
This is Newspaper Rock in the Petrified Forest National Park. Ancient peoples scratched these petroglyphs into the weathered rock, revealing the lighter colored rock below the surface. Jeff took this picture from something like 200 feet away, because you had to stay on this observation deck to see them.
These are some of the sky blue petrified logs at the Petrified Forest.
This is a scene from Sedona, which is absolutely gorgeous. The cliffs are redder in real life.
This is me with Elvis. This Elvis impersonator seemed to be a really nice person. There were some developmentally disabled adults who were at the show, and afterwards, he cheerfully and willingly posed for pictures with all of them. Then, when they were done, he graciously posed with me too. He asked if I was a computer programmer and I said yes.


Laura said...

Looks like you guys saw a lot of cool stuff! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

ScienceGirl said...

I have seen less than half of things you describe! Must go back to that area, although I agree with your opinion on Vegas: glad I saw it once, don't see any reason to go back.

Glad you had a great vacation!