Tuesday, September 09, 2008


  • Toe bye-bye: go bye-bye (out, anywhere!)
  • Doe fwoo: go through (e.g., crawl through a tunnel such as under my bent legs)
  • Doe ah-side: go outside
  • Waw hanns: wash hands
  • I touch twee: I want to touch the tree (did he get this love of trees from his Grandpa?)
  • I sit, Mama: Mama, sit down
  • Sure!: yes (he's recently changed from saying "okay" to saying "sure" for the affirmative)
  • Teek ooh: thank you
  • Wan thum: I want [some]
    • dwapes: grapes
    • yogo-toast: toast with yogurt on it
  • Wat Dummmmm: watch "Jack's Big Music Show" ("Dum" comes from the part of the theme song where they sing "Dum ditty dum")
  • I wan talk Gwama/Papaw: I want to talk to Grandma/Grandpa
  • Weed Hi Guy: read "Good for You" -- a Sesame Street book with Guy Smiley in it
  • Moh deck: let's go out on the deck
  • Pee polly: pee in the potty
  • Top Wiiinih: stop whining (yes, he says this to himself sometimes)
  • Listen Mmmmee!: listen to me, now!


ScienceGirl said...

Sounds like he's got all the basics covered :)

Madeleine said...


You should get video of him telling himself to stop whining. It could be very useful later.