Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Inquiring Minds Need to Know: Oswald Edition

Important questions about the world of Oswald:
  • How does Oswald the Octopus survive outside of water?
  • Why does an octopus need a life preserver or flippers when going in the water?
  • What holds up Oswald's sunglasses, seeing as he has no nose or ears?
  • Is Daisy anorexic? (She's very thin, always exercising, and almost never eats -- for example, when she and Henry came over to Oswald's for hot cocoa, she had peppermint tea instead of cocoa.)
  • Is it cannibalism when Daisy drinks peppermint tea or eats sunflower seeds?
  • Also, does Daisy ever sleep? She was the only person to wake up when the town clock stopped.
  • Why does Henry the Penguin hate water?
  • What happened in Henry's life that made him develop OCD and narcissistic personality disorder?
  • Did Oswald's insurance premiums go up after he popped so much popcorn that it filled up his apartment and spilled down the steps, and put so much bubble solution in the wading pool outside that the froth expanded across the yard and into the building?
  • The bottom of Oswald's apartment window is at the same level as the top of Henry's window in the same building. Are the levels of the building staggered?
  • Did the turtle who was seen ascending the stairs from the time Oswald went to Henry's for a sleepover to the time they went to sleep, and descending the stairs in the morning, get any sleep?
  • Why does everything cost exactly one coin -- anything from a single marshmallow to a bucket of paint?
  • Where does Oswald get his money?
  • After the number of times that Madame Butterfly has lost her daughter Catrina and Oswald has rescued her, why hasn't Child Protective Services taken Catrina away?
  • And what does single mother Madame Butterfly do with Catrina when she has to work?
  • How does Johnny the Snowman not melt?
  • Is it cannibalism that Johnny operates an ice cream shop?
  • What does Oswald do to his plants to make them grow so quickly, e.g., his banana seeds that yielded a gigantic banana overnight; his tomato plants that produced ripe tomatoes in less than 12 hours?
  • He has the same talent with animals. How did he get his pet goldfish to grow from inch-size to bathtub-size in under a week?