Monday, June 01, 2009

Planning Ahead

It strikes me as somewhat rude to invite students to spend the summer working with me, only to go on vacation. As it is, I'm going to be on (mostly business) travel for nearly 20% of the time my student is here. (I'm going to Portland this week, Washington, DC next month, and probably New Orleans in August for business travel; in addition, my cousin is getting married in Portland next month so I'll fly out for that as well.)

So, I had decided long ago that we would be taking our vacation in September again, just as we did last year. And we thought that it would be fun to take Vinny with us, on some sort of road trip to somewhere-or-other. We just didn't know where.

When my mother scheduled my grandmother's memorial service for September 26 in Nebraska, that set the destination -- or at least the general direction we would be going. It's about 17 hours to the part of Nebraska we're going to, but I think we'll make some stops along the way in order to keep everyone sane.

We should take advantage of the fact that we're already that far west and go see some interesting sights. One place I wanted to see is Carhenge -- what's not to love about a reproduction of Stonehenge made out of cars? We'd also like to see Chimney Rock and possibly the Black Hills too.

I've ordered the AAA guides for that part of the country, but of course I'd also like to ask my vast blogging audience for advice -- what might we enjoy seeing?


Ginger said...

My only advice is self-serving. You should stop for one night in Bardstown,KY. Some nice folks live there.

Kayleensd said...

Hi, my name is Kayleen and I am with the South Dakota Office of Tourism. We would love it if you came to visit us in South Dakota! The Black Hills are an excellent vacation spot and offer an abundance of amazing sites and family activities. You can visit our website at to find more information. We hope you decide to include South Dakota in your vacation plans!

Rebecca said...

Kayleen, thanks for your comment. Can you tell me some good activities for an almost-three-year-old in the Black Hills?