Thursday, April 22, 2010

Important Message to D00dly D00dz

Dear D00dly D00dz,

If you see two or more women talking to each other in a professional setting, it is never, ever appropriate to ask them what they are plotting, or to remark that seeing them scheming together makes you nervous.

Amazingly enough, sometimes women scientists get together and talk about (gasp) Science! I'd bet you a handshake and a case of beer that before you stopped by to provide your mansplainations you were not even on their radar, but that your asshattery has now been duly noted. Any political capital you had with these women has now evaporated.

With all the love you deserve,


ScienceGirl said...

I have only seen this kind of behavior from grad students; please don't tell me these d00ds were grown-ups?!?

Rebecca said...

Sadly, ScienceGirl, in at least one case it was a senior scientist who claims to be an ally to women in science. :~(