Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Adventures in Job Hunting

I guess I was so busy doing nothing last week that I didn't mention that I had finally scheduled my interview at IBM. I'll be going out there at the end of this month; April 27 and 28 (Wednesday and Thursday) are my big days. I'll leave in the afternoon of the 26th, and then I'll return from there late on Thursday night. I'm sure I'll be occupied the whole time, but if I weren't, I would have liked to see Susie, a cousin of mine who lives in New York City. In some ways it's too bad that there is a late flight out of there; I would have enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with her. On the other hand, I'm pretty busy these days so it's probably better not to take the extra time.

I need to get my shoes fixed. I guess it must have been during the car accident that the rubber bit from the bottom of one of my heels came off. I noticed that one foot went "clap" and the other went "clop" but I didn't figure out why until several hours later. I need to get that fixed because I can't keep wearing them in that condition and I really don't want to buy new shoes. Those shoes are perfect for my outfits.

I also realized that I'm going to have to figure something out about changing clothes at the airport. I'm not too excited about the idea of walking across O'Hare airport in a suit and heels. In particular, I think my feet would be quite angry with me afterwards. I'm thinking I'll place some comfortable clothes and shoes in my carry-on garment bag and change once I get through security at the airport.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for our Apple cluster to get back on line. They're fixing some busted nodes and running the benchmarks for the Top 500 list. It should be available again on Friday. This means that I will be spending some time here over the weekend, doing some performance evaluations and implementing the diffusion on top of the 3-D function evaluation. I don't mind, because it will be worth it to get the work done that much faster.

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