Wednesday, April 20, 2005


So I just got a message from the assistant to my would-be host at IBM that they're going to have to postpone my interview. Two crucial interviewers have to be on unforeseen travel.

This is frustrating. Now I won't be able to interview with them until the week of June 6-10 at the earliest. I tried to be as gracious as I could about the whole thing, but I have to confess that I am disappointed. I made so many arrangements around those dates that I am now going to have to undo. For example, I arranged for another woman to cover my children's karate class next Tuesday, and now I don't need her to do that for me. Also, since I wasn't going to be here next Wednesday, I got permission from my leader to skip a week and get my Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership the following Wednesday.

Also, I was able to cancel my airline ticket, but I can only use the money I paid for the ticket towards the purchase of another ticket. I can't get a full refund. So I have a $300+ credit with the airline, but that's money I could use in my checking account instead of in their coffers.

Next month, I'm going to a conference in Sweden. My would-be host at IBM will be at that conference too. I plan to track him down and introduce myself. It's funny that I'm going to meet him in a foreign country before I meet him here.

I told Jeff that I'll just have to go up to him in Sweden and tell him about the wonderful offer I have from Sandia. (That is, assuming I get an offer from Sandia!)

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Laura said...

Bummer, dude! The suspense! June?! Poor baby.

Since you have the week off, however, maybe you should whisk Jeff away to a cabin in the woods and just relax a little... ?