Friday, April 22, 2005

Places I Would Apparently Like to Live

According to

Interestingly, neither Albuquerque nor suburban NYC are on the list, but my hometown (Lexington, KY) is:

Greenville, SC
Cincinnati, OH
Knoxville, TN
Chattanooga, TN
Little Rock, AR
Hickory, NC
Clarksville, TN
Asheville, NC
Johnson City-Kingsport, TN
Portland, OR
Richmond, VA
Tulsa, OK
Palm Springs, CA
Bloomington, IN
Charleston, SC
Charlotte, NC
Olympia, WA
Lynchburg, VA
Fayetteville, AR
Nashville, TN
Lexington, KY
Norfolk, VA
Louisville, KY
Springfield, MO

I guess I am a southern girl at heart. But I think I will adjust to wherever I end up.

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Chris Dooley said...

I'm a big fan of Louisville. Meredith and I fit in very well here. I'm sure we would help you move in if you decided Luvull was the place for you.