Sunday, May 28, 2006

Adventures in Oak Ridge

Today we hosted some out-of-town visitors: Dad, Marvis, Marvis' mom Ruth, Marvis' aunt Eda, Marvis' sister Leslie, brother-in-law Kenny, and niece Layne. (I don't know that I spelled everyone's names right.) Anyhow, they came down from where they had all gathered, in Lexington, to tour Oak Ridge, because Ruth and her husband Marvin had both worked here during the war, and both of their daughters were born here too.

First we had a late lunch at Panera, before heading to the commemorative walk that we had taken Dad and Marvis to on their last visit. Next we saw the house where they lived while in Oak Ridge. It just so happened that the owner of that house was walking into her house while we were there, and she invited Ruth, Leslie, and Marvis into the house to take a look around. Marvis was less than two years old when they moved, so she didn't remember anything about it, but Leslie and Ruth said that not much had changed, at least in the layout of the house. Then we headed over to Jackson Square, and we saw that and then the chapel on the hill where Ruth had sung in the choir. Finally we ended up back at Panera for some thirst-quenching drinks after this hot day, and they took off from there.

It was really nice to meet Marvis' family members. We had already met her mother, but Jeff and I met all the others for the first time today. I was glad they got a chance to come down here and see the city and see us too.

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