Sunday, May 14, 2006

Guesses Welcome

Tomorrow we are scheduled for an ultrasound. Seeing as we live in the technologically-advanced state of Tennessee, it's the cool 4-D ultrasound where you can see pictures of the baby, as detailed as a photograph, and moving in real time. I don't have to drink so much that my bladder is about to burst. Thank goodness we live in such a technologically-advanced place rather than those other backwoods states and countries.

Jeff and I are both kind of apprehensive about it. What if there's something wrong with the baby? What if it has three eyes? But chances are good that there's nothing wrong with it. There's still an element of the unknown. Is it a girl or a boy? We might find that out tomorrow. But in the meantime (based entirely on no evidence, I know), what do you think?


Ginger said...

Good luck with that! My guess is it's a girl.

rachie said...

Boy! Boy! Boy!

(er... one boy, not triplets!)

Laura said...

I'm with Ginger. I'm guessing girl.