Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inquiring Minds Need to Know: Lazytown Edition

  • At the beginning of the show, there's an aerial shot of Lazytown. Why is there a road that goes out of Lazytown and just ends in the middle of a field?
  • If Stephanie is in Lazytown because she's spending the summer with her Uncle Milford, why does she go to school? Also, while Lazytown could conceivably be in the Southern Hemisphere so that Christmas is during her summer stay, there is snow in the Christmastime-themed episodes. Did the summer visit turn into something longer because her parents abandoned her?
  • Why does nobody recognize that it's Robbie Rotten in disguise until his hat/fake moustache/whatever comes off?
  • Furthermore, Uncle Milford is a puppet while Stephanie is a human. Are they genetically related or was Stephanie adopted?
  • Why does Stephanie have pink hair? And why does she wear only pink? I have brown hair but I sure don't wear all brown.
  • Robbie Rotten seems to know a lot more about Sportacus than anyone else does. Have the families of Sportacus and Robbie Rotten been battling each other for ages?
  • What kind of technology does Robbie Rotten use to create all the gadgets he uses to inflict chaos on Sportacus and the inhabitants of Lazytown?
  • What does Uncle Milford see in Miss Busybody? She's pretty obnoxious.
  • Why does Sportacus backflip everywhere rather than walking?
  • How does Sportacus keep his moustache looking like that, especially under his high exertion level?
  • And how does he keep this high exertion level while consuming only "sports candy" (fruits and vegetables)?
  • Does Sportacus ever sweat?
  • How does Sportacus, without any cooldown time following his vigorous exercise routine, manage to fall asleep at precisely 8:08 pm every night?
  • Sportacus lives in his own personal zeppelin high above Lazytown, which is pedal powered. How does he pedal the zeppelin around, when it must be hundreds or thousands of times his weight?
  • Why does Sportacus feel compelled to obey unjust rulings calling for him to leave Lazytown never to return?
  • Why does he always save Robbie Rotten? I'd just let the bum suffer.
P.S. I came across this character sheet for Sportacus. Hilarious!


rachel said...

I know the answer to the first one! Because they were too lazy to keep building it! In fact, I suspect most of these questions could be traced back to the fact that someone, somewhere, was lazy.

Agent0042 said...

I wanted to see the character sheet, but the link is broken.

What I want to know is when Sportacus gets up in the morning if he goes to bed at 8:08 P.M. each night.

Rebecca said...

Agent0042, the post has disappeared! But never fear, I found it on the wayback machine:

Agent0042 said...

Ah, Wayback, I should have thought of that. Very useful tool. Anyway, good character sheet. I see they have things down pretty solid. About the only mistake I saw was the spelling of Sportacus's name, unless it was originally conceived to be spelled that way.

Rebecca said...

I'm guessing that the author of that page was just a bad speller.