Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today in Vinny-Land

Today, Vinny and I went shopping together, to give Jeff a much-deserved break and a chance to take a nap. He really likes to talk to people and he flirts with everyone he encounters. He thanked the salesperson helping us, who remarked that he was very polite.

He is amazingly polite, and just about always thanks people for giving him things. I suppose that's because we always thank him and he's just picked it up from us.

Then, this evening he and I cooked dinner. He really loves to cook. We whipped up some pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs. He helped me with the pancake batter and the scrambled eggs. We cooked 5.5 eggs because he was really excited about the eggs and I mistakenly allowed him to hold one. He then cracked it against the side of the bowl (just like Mama) and then crushed it in his hand (not like Mama).

Something else he loves to do is to take the wrapper off the butter. You have to watch for pieces of wrapper that he missed.

You have to also be extremely vigilant the whole time you're in the kitchen with him. He can get into things before you know what happened. But I do enjoy cooking with him nonetheless.

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