Friday, February 20, 2009

In Which My Cellphone Causes Me Havoc

Yesterday, while I was in a seminar, my cellphone rang. I was really embarrassed, because I'm usually good about turning it off during a seminar -- and besides, I never get any calls anyhow. In my flustered state, I couldn't figure out how to stop the ringing. So I decided to rush out of the room with my ringing phone. In my haste, I managed to twist my left ankle. And of course, by the time I got out of the room, the phone stopped ringing!

I hoped I could just walk it off, but I'd sprained it pretty well. So I had to go to the medical center at work, even though I knew would lead to a pile of paperwork. They gave me some ibuprofen horse pills to take and a coldpack, and fitted me with a figure-eight brace on my ankle. The nurse was also kind enough to fill out my paperwork for me, and then I had to give a copy of it to my boss and confess to what I'd done.

He was very kind about it and didn't make fun of me too much, even though my accident at work meant more paperwork for him. But he did have to get his boss to sign some of the paperwork, so then when I saw him in the hallway, he said, "Hey Rebecca, I heard you twisted your ankle!" Just what I wanted: to be remembered by my boss's boss for my lack of coordination.

As for the ankle, it's still pretty sore. They told me not to run for at least 5 days, which puts a damper on my training. Also, driving my manual transmission car was somewhat challenging, so I switched cars and drove the automatic today. My running friend teased me about the lengths I go to in order to get out of running! In reality, I'm pretty embarrassed by my missteps and hopefully my ankle will heal quickly.

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EcoGeoFemme said...

What a drag. I hope it's better now.