Friday, February 27, 2009

Perhaps I Need to Change What I Say

So, Jeff came up with a fun game with Vinny, in which they sing,

Oh, I'd like to be (a/an) ____
Oh, I'd really like to be (a/an) ____
Because (a/an) ____ (does/has/goes) ____
For example, "I'd like to be a cow, because a cow goes moo" or "I'd like to be a tree, because a tree has branches." Generally Vinny decides the subject of the verse, comes up with the action of said subject, and then they act it out.

Yesterday, they sang
Oh, I'd like to be Mama,
Oh, I'd really like to be Mama,
Because Mama goes "No, sir!", "Stop right there!", and "I missed you all day long!"
(At least one of the three is positive!)

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