Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Proud Moments in Motherhood

It is kind of sad how proud one can be about one's offspring's elimination habits. But I must say that I am incredibly proud of the progress my dearest child is making in the potty training arena. Skip this entry if you don't care.

He has now pee-peed in the potty twice. But more importantly, he's starting to recognize the signals from his body. Last week, during an evening bath, he told me he needed to pee, so I took him out of the bath to sit on the potty. Unfortunately, I didn't leave him on the toilet long enough, because he peed right after I put him back in the bath, but I was pleased that he seemed to know that he needed to pee. Similarly, on Saturday night he said he needed to go poo-poo, so I set him on the potty and a little tiny something came out. I was really proud of him for that.


rachel said...

Go Vinny go!

Madeleine said...

The rest of us recent parents understand completely.

Wishing you a relatively smooth progression toward the ultimate goal.