Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running Equipment

For running, they say that first and foremost, you need good running shoes.  "They" must be male, or maybe a woman with a small endowment, because for me I think that the first and foremost need is a good sports bra.

When I went to buy one, I went to a running store, where a similarly well-endowed woman working there recommended a particular model -- the Moving Comfort Fiona.  She said it was the kind that she wore while running.  Her testimonial was a golden recommendation, so I tried that one on for size, and bought it.

And she was right.  I no longer reach the resonant frequency of my chest with my stride or even jiggle.  It's like being twelve -- only without having to go through the misery of puberty or junior high again.  I loved this bra so much that I bought two more off the internet on sale (2 for less than I paid for the first one).  If I had my way, I'd wear them all the time!  Unfortunately, they're not exactly suitable for all occasions.

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ScienceGirl said...

LOL! I just bought this exact bra online last night too - we must be on the same wave length :)