Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Not Quite Right

I recently discovered that you can plan walking routes using Google Maps. So of course I had to try out my dream walk: Land's End to John O'Groats. But something is a little bit wrong (click to enlarge):

A close-up of the part in question:

Perhaps these directions are for the Son of God rather than mere mortals such as myself.

To be fair, they do recommend that you take the ferry for the parts that go over the water. But still, a rather unusual route...


ScienceGirl said...

From that wiki page you linked (I have never heard of this walk, so I had to look it up!):

[snip] it passes just east of Glasgow, leaves the Scottish coast near the Isle of Whithorn, crosses the sea and passes across the Isle of Man, passes a few miles to seaward of Holyhead on Anglesey, crosses the St David's peninsula of Pembrokeshire, and makes landfall again near St Just in Cornwall.

I can't tell if the whole path is exact on the map, but I want to know who got to input all the special cases!

ScienceGirl said...

You have a humble little award waiting for you!