Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Short Post

...but maybe not quite as short!

We arrived safely in Austin on Friday afternoon and hit the ground running. There was lots of signage prep that afternoon, and then a dinner event for the committee members that evening.

On Saturday, I walked perhaps more than I have walked all year (only a slight exaggeration), setting up easels and other sign holders, and putting out signs. Also, I sorted through a lot of the signs in our signage storage office, and tried to put them in the right order.

Today, there was more signage placement, delivery, and sorting. We have everything set for tomorrow's events, and I went ahead and checked our signs for Tuesday. We're missing a couple but otherwise it looks good. We just have to get those printed.

Did I mention that I've been walking a lot? This morning upon waking up, I felt that I was at about the same level of soreness as if I'd had a long day and was ready to go to bed. That's how sore I was. Today was less walking-intensive but still plenty tough.

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