Monday, November 10, 2008

More Vinglish

Continuing the documentation of his ever-expanding vocabulary:
  • Buhsh teeth: brush teeth
  • Choca milk: chocolate milk (actually, ovaltine)
  • Cwanbewy: cranberry sauce (yes, he is my son!)
  • Noonels: noodles
  • Banganga: banana (he's been saying all three syllables, in his idiosyncratic way, for several months now)
  • Ike sweam: ice cream
  • Wauger: water (it's pronounced just like water, except with a "g" rather than a "t." And, we think it's so cute that now we've started calling it wauger too!)
  • Slowflake: snowflake
  • O by doodness: oh my goodness!
  • Look-a aww de lights: Look at all the lights!
  • I dwaw papew: I want to draw on paper
  • Coink: coin
  • Money: any slip of paper -- a dollar bill, a receipt, a coupon...
  • Lightning bulp: light bulb
Also, he's been singing the alphabet song for quite a while, and has almost all the letters included in his song. These days, it goes something like, "A, B, C, Deee, F, G/ H, I, Jaaay, L, M en P/ Q-wah S, T-uh V, duba-aw X and Z."

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