Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Meal Assessment

Yesterday's meal had some problems. For one, my rolls turned out badly. Sometimes it seems that I heat the water/milk too much and end up killing the yeast. So I bought a candy thermometer and made sure the milk was the right temperature. In fact, it was too hot, so I let it cool down to the right temperature. Then, the dough rose, I made it into 24 rolls, and they rose again. They looked pretty good going into the oven, but when I took them out they were burned on the bottom. The temperature control on the oven is a little off, and also, my muffin tins were too close to the heating element, I suspect. Also, I should have stuck around and observed them, even though I came back in time to take them out according to the recipe.

So I made some cornbread instead, and it worked out okay, but again the oven did its best to burn it. This time I kept a closer eye on it though, and the oven did not ruin my cornbread too.

Another problem was that they so-called "fresh" turkey breast I had bought was frozen when we took it out of the fridge. It was probably at least partially the fridge's fault; things at the bottom of the fridge often freeze. In any case, we had to improvise to get the turkey to cook. I'm not sure exactly what Jeff did but it worked out and the turkey was delicious.

Vinny ate only cornbread and cranberry sauce for dinner. He loves him some cranberry sauce (but not plain cranberries!). When I was making the cranberry bread, I let him help me put the cranberries in the mixer, and he popped one in his mouth, making the funniest expression as he tasted the SOUR.

After dinner, Vinny wanted to call his grandparents, so we did. When he called Granny and Granddad, he even got to talk to Aunt Ginger! Grandma and Grandpa were at a movie when we called, but they called back later.

It was a good holiday, even if the food didn't come out quite as I had hoped.

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