Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Because I'm going to start interviewing soon, I decided it was important to cultivate a well-groomed appearance in order to make the best impression. So I'm taking small steps, a few at a time, to improve my appearance.

Today I got a haircut. Actually, I got just about all of them cut. After hearing lots of different recommendations, I went to a salon in downtown Champaign. All told, it cost me $35 to get my hair cut, but I think she did a pretty good job on it.

She was fairly impressed by the sheer volume of hair that I have, but it didn't seem to overwhelm her or freak her out, and she knew exactly what to do with it. I felt really good because I expressed concisely my attitude towards my hair, and she accepted it without trying to change my opinion. I am not interested in spending lots of time on my hair or putting hair products in it. I don't even want to blow-dry it. I usually just wash it in the morning, and let it drip dry. She was totally happy to cut my hair accordingly. She got rid of some of the heaviness of it around the neck by making two layers.

I think it looks pretty nice. She didn't do anything fancy with it before sending me off, so that means there's hope for me being able to replicate this look.


Anonymous said...

I bet you're lookin' FINE!


Laura said...

pictures! we want to see pictures!!