Monday, March 14, 2005

Hurry up and Wait

As you, my devoted fans, already know, I worked all weekend on a program. I am pleased to report that I even got it to work. But now is the "hurry up and wait" stage, as I await the results of a 65-hour computer job. Assuming that I requested the right amount of time, I will have the results on Thursday. If I didn't, I'll either have results earlier, or I'll have no results at all and will have to put it back in the queue with a larger request for time.

There are plenty of other things to occupy my time, though. I'm working on my presentation for when I go interview at Sandia. I'm also working on writing my thesis. So far I am up to 73 pages, counting the acknowledgements and table of contents and the like.

My knee is slowly healing up. Right now, the main problem is that it aches a lot internally. As for the rest of my health, I am feeling better than I felt late last week, but I'm still feeling a little dragged down by this cold. Also, my ears periodically ache, so I think I might go to the student health center about that.

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