Monday, March 21, 2005

Nicest Rejection Letter Ever

I already knew that I didn't receive the Wilkinson Fellowship from Argonne, because a fellow member of the NA posse had gotten an interview for it and I hadn't. But I did not expect them to send me a rejection letter, because people are notoriously bad about letting you know these things. Nor did I expect them to send such a kind and encouraging rejection letter.

I'm being serious. Most rejection letters make an effort to be polite but don't quite succeed. This one was polite, complimentary, and kind. I'm going to keep this letter as a model for when the day comes that I have to send people rejection letters.

The letter-writer said that I was on the short list, but unfortunately, they couldn't interview everyone on the short list. They even thanked me for working so hard on my application. So I guess I was the equivalent of "Honorable Mention" for the fellowship. That makes me feel good, because I hadn't expected to get even that far.

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