Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shameless Bragging

I feel the need to show off right now. Feel free to skip this entry if you're uninterested.

I am pleased to report that this morning I made my weight goal at Weight Watchers. My goal was 179 lbs, and I weighed in at 178.4! That means that I have lost 64 pounds since August, 2003.

Now I just have six weeks of maintenance, meaning that I have to remain below 181 for that whole time, and then I will be a lifetime member. My six weeks will be up on April 27.

I am quite relieved about having reached this milestone. When I go to New Mexico the week after next, I won't have so much to worry about in terms of eating. I'll still want to be careful, but I just need to maintain, not to lose any more weight.

Before and after comparisons:

Weight (lbs): 242.4/178.4
Pants size: 20/14 (I can fit in a 12 but I like 'em loose)
T-shirt size: XL/L (likewise, I like 'em loose)
Cup size: DD/C/D
Rings: tight/loose
Jean jacket: tight around waist/too big around waist
Winter coat: roomy/way too big, even with everything tightened
Dresses from 2001: too small/way too big, and several inches longer
Shorts: ride up in the center because of legs rubbing/no longer ride up because legs don't rub
Karate uniform size: 6/5
Kicking ability: kick to shoulder/kick to head
Push ups: 7-10/15-20
Running: 0.5 blocks/to the bus stop
Endurance: walk from workplace to home and feel exhausted/walk from home to workplace and feel refreshed
Chins: 3/1
Clavicle: not visible/visible
Self-image: fat and ugly/good-looking


Laura said...

HOORAY! You rock! I love the before/after stats!

Alison said...

Awesome! Picts are great -- I like the Sweden background...